Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

Department’s Overview

To date, computer professionals with skills in software, hardware and information systems management are essential in almost all kinds and sizes of enterprises. Therefore, a large number of computer professionals are needed. Due to wide demand, the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CS&IT) was the first to be opened at Thar Institute of Engineering, Sciences and Technology (TIEST), Tharparkar, inaugurated in October 2019.

TIEST, CS&IT department offers a four-year degree program of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Intermediate students of both pre-engineering and pre-medical backgrounds can take admission in this program. The program's curricula comprise courses of Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer & Information Systems Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Out of twenty-nine computer-related courses, nine courses are related to computer hardware. Besides this, courses on Finance, Accounting, Management, Communication skills and Entrepreneurship are also included to equip students for market needs. The whole curriculum consists of forty-three courses and one Software based project. To apply their competence, our internship program provides adequate field exposure to the students.

Outcome Based Education (OBE) has been implemented at the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CS&IT) TIEST in compliance with the recommendations of the National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC). This program aims to help the students understand the current market requirements and focuses on the holistic development of the students. It will also help them to gain hands-on experience and technical skills to meet market standards.

By maintaining the quality of education and ensuring that knowledge is effectively imparted, TIEST's CS&IT department strives to promote an environment conducive to continual improvement.