Koders Kombat

Koders Kombat 2023

Koders Kombat 2023 was a live coding competition, 1st round was held on 1st december 2023 fall semester, 2nd Round was Held on 21 December 2023.

In the initial stage, 21 teams joined the Koderz competition, Four teams from each group advanced to the next round. Ultimately, the team from the 2022 batch, comprising Neesha Leelani, Sarfraz Essa, and Disha Karmani, emerged as the winners.

Koders Kombat 2022

Koders Kombat 2022 was a live coding competition organized by the Koders Club an official community of CS&IT department, NED University, Karachi. The competition was arranged in 3rd International Conference on Innovations in Computer Science & Software Engineering (ICONICS 22). The conference was held on 14th & 15th of December 2022 at NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi.

The purpose of Koders Kombat 2022 was to gage undergraduate students in problem solving skills and to test student’s analytical and rational thinking intensity. The competition was held in two rounds in which TIEST students participated and won 3rd position in programming and problem-solving skills.